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Comrade Hero

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Real Name: Nikolai Alexandrovich Biryuk

Occupation: Super-Hero, former test pilot, cosmonaut, and aeronautical engineer

Identity: Public

Languages: English, Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian

Citizenship: Citizen of Russia and the United States of America (Midnite Earth)

Other Aliases: The Man Who Fell to Earth (older name)

Place of Birth: United States (Midnite Earth)

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Aleksandr Biryuk (father, deceased), Caroline Jackson (mother), Nina Jackson (sister), Thomas Jackson (grandfather, deceased), Holly Jackson (neice)

Group Affiliation: Red Force

Base of Operations: Red Force Headquarters in Moscow, Russia (Midnite Earth)

Known Allies: Red Force

Known Enemies: Atlantor, New Reich, Tyrannon the Conqueror, Ultrawoman

Species: Human Mutant

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Eyes: White

Hair: Brown


History of Comrade Hero


Abilities (X pp)

Str X (+X), Dex X (+X), Con X (+X), Int X (+X), Wis X (+X), Cha X (+X)


Saves (X pp)

Fort +X, Ref +X, Will +X, Tough +X


Combat (X pp)

Attack +X

Defense +X (+X flat-footed)

Initiative +X

Damage +X (attack type)

Knockback -X

Grapple +X


Skills (X pp)

Skill X (+X), Skill X (+X)


Feats (X pp)

Feat, Feat


Powers (X pp)

Power Group X {has the X descriptor} (X pp)

   Power X (Extra: X, PF: X, Flaw: X, DB: X) {has the X descriptor} (X pp)

Power Group X {has the X descriptor} (X pp)

   Power X (Extra: X, PF: X, Flaw: X, DB: X) {has the X descriptor} (X pp)


Equipment (X ep)

Equipment, Equipment (Power X [Extra, PF, Flaw, DB])


Drawbacks (-X pp)

Drawback (Explanation) (-X pp)



Complication, Complication


PL X,  X pp, Tradeoffs (+/- X save DC/+/- X attack, +/- X toughness/+/- X defense)


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