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Real Name: Hel

Occupation: Goddess of the dead, Ruler of Hel and Niffleheim

Languages: Asgardian

Citizenship: Citizen of Asgard (Kingdom of Marvels)

Known Aliases: Hela (Name common in Kingdom of Marvels)

Place of Birth: Jotunheim (Kingdom of the Great Wheel)

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Loki (father), Angrboda (mother, possibly deceased), Gymir (step-father), Beli (half-brother), Gerda (half-sister), Frey (brother-in-law), Fenris Wolf (alleged brother), Midgard Serpent (alleged brother), Krampus {son}

Group Affiliation: Asgardian Pantheon, Immortals of Mystara (formerly)
Base of Operations: Hel/Baator and Niflheim/Grey Waste (Kingdom of the Great Wheel)

Known Allies: Ahpuch, Angrboda (possibly deceased), Blackheart, Dormammu, Ereshkigal, Kezef the Fenris Wolf, Loki, Malekith, Mephistopheles, Midgard Serpent, Sattanish, Seth, Surtur, Yama, Witchfire

Known Enemies: Baalzebul, Blaze, Corellon Larethian, Hrimhari, Ka, Krystel Haven, Moonstar, New Mutants, Magik, Odin, Satanus, Sigyn, Thanatos, Thor, Tiwaz (possibly deceased)

Species: Asgardian

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 500 lbs 

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red



History of Hel


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