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Overview: Untold centuries ago, the Nine Worlds were created by Those who Sit On High in Shadow.  In doing so, the Norse Gods were born, a group of beings who had been born in blood and battle in hopes they would evolve past themselves and become true rulers of man.

Extent of Operations: Throughout the Omniverse

Base of Operations: The Asgardians hold no single territory since their home Asgard was destroyed.  Each deity has had to find a new home until Odin returns from his quest to create a New Asgard. 

Known Allies: Godpack, New Immortals, Thor Corps, Valkyrior, Warriors Three

Known Enemies: Ano-Athox, Celestials, Dark Army, Dark Asgardians, Dark Cabal, Darkseid, Disir, Elder Evils, Enchanters, Frost Giants, Malekith, Mephistopheles, Midgard Serpent, Rock Trolls,  Surtur, Thanos, Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, Worthy, Ymir





Deity Align Portfolio Power Home
Aegir NE Seas, Storms Intermediate Unknown
Balder NG Beauty, Light, Music, Poetry, Rebirth Intermediate Asgard
Bor (Dead)   Odin's Father Unknown Ysgard
Bragi NG Poetry, Music Intermediate Unknown
Forseti N Justice, Law Intermediate Unknown
Frey NG Agriculture, Fertility, Harvest, Sun Greater Alfhiem
Freyja NG Fertility, Love, Magic, Vanity Intermediate Alfhiem
Frigga (Dead)
N Birth, Fertility, Love Greater Asgard
Fulla NG Maidens, Stones Demi Unknown
Garmangabis N Thought, Mental Power, Wealth Lesser Unknown
Gefjon N Virgins, Fertility Lesser Unknown
Gerda NG Agriculture, Beauty Lesser Unknown
Groa NG Fertility, Divination Lesser Unknown
Gullveig NE Black Magic, Greed Lesser Unknown
Heimdall LG Watchfulness, Sight, Hearing, Loyalty Intermediate Himinbjörg/Ysgard
Hel NE Death, The Underworld Intermediate Hel/Baator
Hermod CN Luck, Communication, Freedom Demi Unknown
Hod N Smithcraft Lesser Unknown
Hoder NE Hatred, Prejudice, Jealousy Lesser Unknown
Idun NG Youth, Spring, Happiness Intermediate Ysgard
Iord N Earth Lesser Unknown
Kvasir N Knowledge, Inspiration, Bards Lesser Unknown
Loki CE Mischief, Strife, Thieves, Trickery, Murder Greater Winter's Hall/Pandemonium
Lothur CN Sight, Hearing, Speech Lesser Unknown
Magni (Dead)
CG Strength Demi Dead
Malekith CN Winter, Illusion, Cold Demi Winter's Hall/Pandemonium
Mani NE The Moon Lesser Unknown
Modi CG Courage, Berserk Rage Demi Unknown
Njord NG Commerce, Sea, Wind Intermediate Ysgard
Odin NG Knowledge, Magic, Supreme, War, Wisdom, Poetry Greater Asgard
Odur CG Light, Sun, Travel Demi Unknown
Ran CE Storms, Whirlpools Lesser Unknown
Rind NE Madness Lesser Unknown
Sif CG Corn, War, Dueling, Skill, Excellence Lesser Asgard
Skadi N Earth, Mountains Lesser Unknown
Surtr LE Fire, War, Fire Giants Intermediate Unknown
Thor CG War, Sky, Storms, Sea Journeys, Justice, Thunder, Crops, Weather Greater Asgard
Thrym CE War, Cold, Ice, Frost Giants Intermediate Unknown
Tyr LG Justice, War, Courage, Trust, Strategy, Tactics, Writing, Swordsmanship, Law Greater Asgard
Uller CN Hunting, Archery, Winter Lesser Unknown
Vali NG Archers, Vengeance Lesser Unknown
Vidar (Dead)
CG Strength, Silence, War Demi Asgard


Others Associated With The Pantheon


Beta Ray Bill    
Fenris Wolf    
Angrir, Breaker of Souls    
Greithoth, Breaker of Wills    
Kuurth, Breaker of Stone    
Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans    
Nul, Breaker of Worlds    
Mokk, Breaker of Faith    
Skirn, Breaker of Men    


Non-Etherium Asgardians

Name Description Home Plane
Amora    Unknown/Kingdom of Marvels 
Vollkommenes Haus/Neue Erde


Categories: Conquest of the Immortals, Earth Pantheons



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Gothenem said

at 4:10 pm on Apr 20, 2010

Sources: Dragons and Gods (Palladium Fantasy), Pantheons of the Megaverse (Rifts), Faiths and Pantheons (Forgotten Realms - Tyr only), Faiths and Avatars (Forgotten Realms - Tyr only), Encyclopedia Mythologica (Marvel Comics), Avenger and Thor comics (Marvel Comics), Deities and Demigods (3rd edition), Deities and Demigods/Legends and Lore (1st Edition D&D), Legends and Lore (2nd Edition D&D), Conquest of the Immortals Boxed Set (D&D), On Hallowed Ground (Planescape), Giantcraft (2nd Edition Forgotten Realms - for Surtur and Thrym), Monster Mythology (2nd edition - again for the giant deities).

Gothenem said

at 4:11 pm on Apr 20, 2010

Umm, forgot the standard sources - Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia), Encyclopedia of Gods (by Michael Jordan)

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